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​​​​​​​MURNEN DESIGN was established nearly 15 years ago by KENT MURNEN and has since provided architectural design, consultation, and support services on nearly 400 architectural projects.  Additionally, in pursuing his passion for residential design, has provided custom design. Consultation, and construction drawing services on over 70 single family residential projects throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.
Repeatedly, Kent’s design concepts have successfully led to the securing of design proposals, while his ability to coordinate, and perform tasks efficiently has allowed for more competitive project fees contributing to an increase in returning client work.  His creative eye, talents, and natural understanding of a project’s complexities are often sought after and have earned him many accolades and recommendations among his peers, clients, and friends.
A lifetime of both personal, and real world, hands-on construction and renovation experience, in conjunction with his creativity, problem solving skills, and formal education, have all expounded on his natural understanding of the built environment.  Together these have created an understanding of what it takes to bring an idea into reality and shaped his ability to understand design as a tangible object, with real world implications that are essential to any successful endeavor.
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